Research-grade Poloxamers and Polyethylene Glycol are available

Maroon Biotech Corp can provide purified forms of industrial biopolymers. Biopolymers from other companies commonly contain toxic side groups (hydroperoxides, aldehydes, etc) and polymer fragments, that arise from large scale industrial manufacturing. Maroon’s purified polymers can be used for applications that require reduced cytotoxicity like tissue engineering, GMP production of proteins, food processing, basic research and other practical applications.

P188 before (right) and after (left) Maroon's proprietary purification process.

Unpurified P188 has rounded granules, indicative of impurities such as solvent residues or synthesis byproducts, but purified P188 is visibly pure and fluffy.


Quality Level: Research, Cell Culture, Clinical Development

Additives: With or without 100 ppm BHT

Form: Dry, Solid
mol. wt.: Reduced polydespersity, average mol. wt. 8400
CMC: 0.04 mM (20-25°C)

Analytical Data


Spectra of unpurified (left) and purified (right) P188. Note that the major peak of Maroon’s purified P188 is twice that of unpurified P188 and contains significantly fewer contaminants.


NMR spectra of Maroon biomedical research grade P188. Peaks in sample correspond only to protons found on P188.


TOCSY map of Maroon biomedical grade purified P188. TOCSY spectrum showing correlation between P188 protons and relative position.