Leading the Field in Surfactant Copolymers for Cell and Tissue Protection

Leaders in Polymer Research and Manufacturing

Maroon Biotech is a research company committed to the manufacturing and study of highly purified surfactant copolymers.  Our products are purified to increase polymer stability and reduce toxic byproduct concentrations and polydispersity to create reliable, safe products for research and industry.  Call us today to discuss how Maroon polymers can improve your research.  Maroon also studies the use of surfactant copolymers for a number of therapeutic and industrial applications.  Learn more about these focus areas below.

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Medical and Research Grade Biopolymers

Maroon Biotech has developed a cost effective strategy to produce purified biopolymers for use in medical and laboratory research as well as in industrial protein manufacturing. Available polymers include poloxamers, polyethylene glycols, and other polyols. Contact us for more information.

Reversing Brain and Nerve Trauma

Maroon’s surfactant chaperone technology can actually reduce the amount of brain tissue damaged by the lack of oxygen during a stroke, the third leading cause of death in the United States today. As a result, Maroon will be able to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Industrial Protein Preservation

Maroon Biotech has developed a new category of pharmaceuticals called surfactant chaperones. This technology has the capability to restore structure and viability to cells disrupted by physical and chemical trauma.

Side By Side With Our Troops

The impact of military combat today is felt the world over. Maroon is developing technology to heal combat-specific injuries and tissue damage that can benefit both troops and civilian victims of warfare and terrorism.