Our government today not only has the obligation to protect all of its citizens by providing the appropriate structures and security, but to also protect those citizens involved in enforcing and sustaining those structures and security. From law enforcement officials to emergency medical technicians to our soldiers, safeguarding those who are dedicated to protecting others is the only way to maintain security for everyone. In recent years advancements in medicine and technology have, without a doubt, made security and emergency protocol more efficient and successful throughout. Bringing cutting-edge science into the structures of government allows for consistent and widespread implementation which allows for more people to benefit from those advances. The core technologies at Maroon Biotech have the ability to increase the efficacy of government response in emergency situations because they can be used immediately to reverse the damage caused by physical and chemical traumas, which disrupt the integrity of the cell membrane, before the cell dies. Whether it is a medical emergency due to natural causes, crime, accidents, military combat, or even a terrorist attack, Maroon’s surfactant chaperone technology can provide the crucial support needed in saving the lives of civilians and their protectors.