Industry Focus


Our government today not only has the obligation to protect all of its citizens by providing the appropriate structures and security, but to also protect those citizens involved in enforcing and sustaining those structures and security. From law enforcement officials to emergency medical technicians to our soldiers, safeguarding those who are dedicated to protecting others is the only way to maintain security for everyone.


Maroon Biotech has proprietary surfactant compounds in the development pipeline that could greatly improve outcomes for survivors of military trauma, spinal cord compression, and malignant hyperthermia.

Industrial Protein Processing

Industrial protein processing covers a range of applications from food science to pharmaceuticals, but the common element is the need to ensure protein viability through processing, formulation, storage and delivery.

Food Preservation Technology

Surfactant chaperone and membrane sealing technology can be readily applied to food preservation strategies. Maroon Biotech has licensed the use of surfactant copolymers to preserve proteins from denaturation, keep cell membranes intact, and reduce the stress of temperature changes and time on plant and meat cells. This translates to making the trip from processing plant to grocery store more forgiving so food arrives fresher, tastier, and more appealing to consumers. Read how!