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Maroon Biotech, Corp.
4047 West 40th Street
Chicago, IL 60632
Tel: (312) 432-9820
Fax: (312) 733-0661
Email: info@maroonbiotech.com

Research-grade Poloxamer now available

For a price quote for purified poloxamer or to speak to a scientist about custom synthesis and modifications, call us today at (312) 432-9820.

Contracts & Licensing
Maroon Biotech welcomes contract research and licensing opportunities. Maroon is currently utilizing its expertise in the biophysics of cellular membrane injury to carry out several R&D projects for outside contractors. Maroon's intellectual property in the area of cellular membrane repair has numerous compositions that are available for licensing, which include compositions that will enhance gene transfection efficacy and reduce reperfusion injury following myocardial infarction or stroke, and would be particularly valuable opportunities for companies pursuing such technology.

For more information on contract and licensing opportunities with Maroon Biotech, please contact Maroon at (312) 432-9820, or by email at partnering@maroonbiotech.com.

Maroon Biotech is a privately held biotechnology company. For more information on investment opportunities, please contact Maroon at (312) 432-9820 or by email at investors@maroonbiotech.com.